Kitchen Features                                                                                                        
  • Impressively designed platform with tiles work tops (RAKE/ FUWANG/ SUN POWER or equivalent brand size approximately (12″x12″).
  • Provision of double burner gas outline.
  • Concrete shelf at 2.5 feet height from floor level with ceramic tiles work top.
  • One high polished stainless counter top still sink.
  • Suitably located exhaust fan point.
  • Wall tiles of 2 feet height above counter-top and along with sink and oven line. (RAKE/ FUYANG/ SUN POWER or equivalent brand size approximately (8″x12″).
Bathroom features                                                                                                
  • Every bathroom will be finished by good quality ceramic Tiles (local) wall and floor.
  • Full Height glazed 8″x12″ ceramic tiled wall with RAK/FUWANG/SUN POWER or equivalent brand.
  • Glazed 12″x12″ ceramic tiles floor with RAKE/ FUWANG / SUN POWER or equivalent brand.
  • Good quality bathroom fittings (local).
  • Commode in master toilet and pan in other toilet.
  • Concealed hot & cold water lines in master bath.
  • Looking glass in bathrooms with overhead lamps point, except servant toilet.
  • All bathrooms with doors of water resistance materials. (Plastic door).
Electrical Features                                                                                                
  • High quality branded cables.
  • Good quality (China/Local) socket, plug points and others fittings.
  • Concealed electrical wiring (BRB/ Paradise/Polly Cables)
  • All power outlets with earthing connections.        
  • Electrical distribution box with main switch, auto trip circuit breaker for SDB, Plug points refrigerator, TV, music centre etc in appropriate places.
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